Top Applications (april 24)

Welcome to our monthly update showcasing the most downloaded applications on MyQNAP. Explore the top free and premium apps, granting you access to the MyQNAP application ecosystem. Dive into our QNAP repository featuring over 600 regularly updated applications, offering a wide array of choices.

Discover the top 5 most downloaded free and paid applications of April. We have a slew of changes this month that are bound to surprise you. Without further ado, let’s dive in, as there are some exciting discoveries awaiting!

TOP 5 Free Applications

The most downloaded free applications for the month of April are:

  • qBittorrent: A cross-platform, free, and open-source BitTorrent client
  • Mtransmission: A BitTorrent client with various user interface option
  • Portainer : A lightweight, intuitive management platform for Docker
  • KODI 20: The ultimate media center and content player for your NAS
  • SyncThing: An open-source continuous file synchronization program

TOP 5 Paid Applications

The most downloaded paid applications for the month of April are:

  • Apache83: Apache Web Server with PHP 8.3.x and numerous PECL extensions
  • TransmissionBT 4: The latest version of the popular download software (Bittorent), exclusively on MyQNAP
  • Apache82: The latest version of Apache Web Server with PHP 8.2.x and numerous PECL extensions
  • MUSL Framework : Execute any binary or cross compilation based on Alpine Linux
  • Apache81: Apache Web Server with PHP 8.1.x and numerous PECL extensions
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