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Transmission is a BitTorrent client which features a variety of user interfaces on top of a cross-platform back-end. Transmission is free software licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, with parts under the MIT License.

default password : qnap /qnap


X86_64 (Intel/AMD)
arm-x41 / arm-x31 ARMV7 (ARM 32bits)
arm_64 ( aarch64 / armv8 64bits )

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

Official Website




information notes

credential : qnap / qnap

listen on 9092 by default
config file : /opt/Transmission4/etc

added to NAS PATH



release note

20 reviews for TransmissionBT 4

  1. 16677287

    4.04 please,thanks

  2. dusha

    4.05 is released, looking forward to gettting an update soon!

  3. B_j_ionek

    synology had 4.0.4 a long time ago, it already has 4.0.5, and qnap is lagging behind.
    Author, give us a Christmas present. 😉

  4. B_J_ionek

    Is it planned to introduce 4.0.5 to the repository? Version 4.0.4 has not appeared. 🙁

  5. lj83bloak

    This version of web GUI is not very smooth. I hope releasing the latest version will fix the issue.

  6. Jvdp

    Would be nice to update to 4.0.5 to resolve the empty blocklist

  7. werran

    whats the default user name and pass?

  8. B_J_ionek

    Once you ask for payment, you should update to the latest version.

  9. Ben

    I don’t mind paying as long as I don’t have to pay again when it’s updated. If I get lifetime updates for €5 then I’m all in 🙂

    • QoolBox

      it is a lifetime update, since tranmsission require a new GCC >=10, it is tricky to install it natively on Qnap NAS and it is an hardwork … thanks for your support

  10. 16677287 (verified owner)

    4.05 works when using default parameters, I can add torrents and upload.
    But when I try to modify the parameters in setting.json, such as upload and download bandwidth, saving file directory, password, etc., I cannot connect.

  11. Ben

    Hi 16677287

    Try editing the settings.json with WinSCP (if you’re on windows) instead of notepad.

  12. Evert

    I would love to buy this qpkg, but do i have to give my real name and adres?

    • QoolBox

      there is no identity control or else

  13. wopajh (verified owner)

    Hi QoolBox. TS-431K F/W QTS .
    Paid for and attempted to install Transmission4_4.0.5_arm-x31.qpkg
    Error “Failed to install TransmissionBT 4.05.the installation package is incompatible. Use the compatible package”. 4.03 was working well previously however it stopped working I assume due to the lastest FW upgrade. I uninstalled and it will no longer install with the same error., even when downgrading to progressively later versions of F/W to the above. Note I also purchased your MUSL package but it would not install either. Any suggestions on getting this to install?

    • QoolBox

      your NAS is not arm-x31 but i think arm-x41
      you also better update your firmware aswell

  14. unit (verified owner)

    Hello. I can’t change the settings in the settings.json file.
    First I write the settings in the file, then I put them in the transmission folder, and it resets them.

    • QoolBox

      thanks to log on Discord for support

  15. wopajh (verified owner)

    Hi QoolBox,
    Thanks you for your guidance and your good work It was my mistake. Transmission4_4.0.5_arm-x41.qpkg works great.

  16. zahumensky.duri (verified owner)

    wotk well on Ts269L, but i dont see tranmission under my apps, even with private repo added.

    Guys stop transmission before editing settings. Once settings saved start transmission

    • QoolBox

      TS-269L is old 32bit x86 … you cannot get the repo in appcenter for old NAS … you need to download it manually

  17. firebuddha2120 (verified owner)

    slow as hell. 6-8MB / sec compared to 70MB / sec with Not uploading at all (the port is open). Luckily I was not deleted the version from my nas so I will stop using version 4 until it is working properly. My problem is that i plan to change DISK1 (system) in my nas and i am not sure if i will be able to migrate propelry from DISK1 to DISK2 old version as it is not available anymore. It is possilble to upload here the version qpk and the web control for that version? or send it to me in any form? thanks.

  18. firebuddha2120 (verified owner)

    still not able to make it work normally. it was totally waisting of 5 EUR. in addition i was not able to move version with qnap migration. changed to qbitorrent and it works perfectly. avoid waisting your money for this. go for q bittorrent

  19. panait alin (verified owner)

    I have QNAP TS-212, none of this paid version works. Any suggestion ?

  20. zahumensky.duri (verified owner)

    works very well on TS-269L, settings have to be edited when the process is not running.

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