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Transform your QNAP NAS into a powerful media server with Jellyfin. Say goodbye to limitations and subscription fees, and take control of your media collection like never before. Jellyfin allows you to effortlessly organize, stream, and enjoy your movies, TV shows, music, and photos from your QNAP NAS. Create your own personalized media library, customize metadata, and enjoy a rich and immersive media experience with stunning artwork, trailers, and subtitles.

Jellyfin offers a user-friendly interface that’s perfect for both casual viewers and media enthusiasts alike. Easily browse and search your media collection, create playlists, and enjoy seamless playback on a wide range of devices, including smart TVs, mobile devices, web browsers, and more. One of Jellyfin’s standout features is its powerful server-side transcoding, ensuring smooth playback on any device, regardless of format or resolution. Plus, Jellyfin offers advanced security features, including user authentication, SSL encryption, and parental controls, giving you full control over your media server’s accessibility and security on your QNAP NAS.

Unlock the full potential of your media library with Jellyfin on your QNAP NAS. Experience the freedom and convenience of having your own personal media server, tailored to your unique preferences. Try Jellyfin today and take your media streaming experience to the next level with QNAP NAS integration.

Versions available for download:

  • TS-NASX86
  • TS-NASARM_64


12 reviews for JellyFin

  1. augusto27

    Hola, tengo comprada la app en del cual tu eres autor.
    Lo vas a actualizar alli, ¿o tengo que volver a comprarla?

    Bonjour, j’ai acheté l’application sur dont vous êtes l’auteur.
    Allez-vous le mettre à jour là-bas, ou dois-je l’acheter à nouveau ?

    • Editor

      No tenemos ninguna conexión con este sitio web. Nuestros paquetes son exclusivos de

  2. Félix ROUX


    Could you tell me if the update from a former version will reset the settings and libraries, please?

    Thank you,


  3. Félix ROUX

    And do I have to pay each time a new version is out?

  4. Cristi N (verified owner)

    I bought version 10.8.9 in February. I see now you have released version 10.8.10. How can I download/update to the new version? Do I need to buy it again to get the last version?

    • QoolBox

      please log on Discord Chat to explain your problem

  5. toki7942 (verified owner)


  6. Roberto Ronzani (verified owner)

    not working on my TS-231P and i’m very angry

    • QoolBox

      there is no ARMV7 version , your NAS is not compatible with this package

  7. rafal (verified owner)

    Is it possible that i don’t see dlna options?

  8. Gerard Nouwen (verified owner)

    Works great on my QNAP TS230 thank you for compiling this awesome app
    Now downloaded the version to update my 10.8.10 version from my download library.
    Totally happy with it. Thanks.

  9. Hansaplastique (verified owner)

    Works as advertised – keep up the good work Qoolbox!

  10. augusto27 (verified owner)

    Hola, en ts-664, no me esta funcionando, de error de reproduccion.
    tanto las version 10.9.0 y la 10.9.1.

    • QoolBox

      come on discord to debug your issue… working on all NAS i have here

  11. cynric (verified owner)

    No more support for the x41 series? How come? 10.8.12 was working on that arch just fine..

    • QoolBox

      there are too many issue with armv7 (arm 32bit) with Jellyfin… it delayed for moment

  12. Fernando (verified owner)

    I have installed the new version 10.9.3 and when I try to open the application it tells me that the connection has been rejected. With version 10.8 it worked perfectly for me. The IP in the browser is correct and I don’t have the firewall working in NAS. What could be the problem?

    • QoolBox

      thanks to come on discord channel for the support

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