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QBittorrent is a cross-platform free and open-source BitTorrent client. qBittorrent is a native application written in C++. It uses Boost, Qt 5 toolkit, and the libtorrent-rasterbar library. Its optional search engine is written in Python.
QBittorrent runs and provides the same features on your NAS. QBittorrent is based on the Qt toolkit and libtorrent-rasterbar library.

LibTorrent 1.2.19 version


user : admin
password : random password generated on first install and send to NAS system logs and displayed on QTS event (or check file fist_startup.log in QPKG directory root)

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up-to-date versions.


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31 reviews for QBittorrent (libtorrent 1.2.19)

  1. Ronald

    The last version, have stability problems, stop working frequently. the old one works better. Stil have problems with sock5 stoping at metadata, but otherwise works good.

  2. Warder

    I use version 4.5.2 on Qnap TS-264-8G and it runs without the slightest problem.

  3. robinwillems

    I have the same problem as Ronald. It stops working after a couple of days and the package had to be stopped en started again. Same problem on both 4.5.2 and 4.5.3. (TS-453A-8G)

  4. Skuld

    I configured it to use a VPN interface. But whenever the VPN drops and the torrents stop therefore as well. Then the VPN automaticly reconnects again, qBittorrent does not reconnect and the files are stalled forever until i manualy restart the service.
    That makes a unmonitored use with daly ISP reconnect impossible.

  5. Ost


    How to access when default username and login are not longer acceptable?

    Should produce a window to change; doesn’t.
    qBitorrent Changelog says use a “console”; how-to when running on NAS?

  6. RNU




  7. MyQnapFan

    Hi the pasword for the new version dont work!
    What is the new password or user?

  8. Tom

    The password does not work

  9. Mojelly

    The default password for has been changed to randomly generated. Temporary solution: Install the old version of qBittorrent, change the default password after logging in, and then upgrade to version to use it normally.

  10. Random Person

    When you install it, the randomly generated password shows up in the QuLOG center

  11. sanangelis

    stop program and restart, it will generate new p/w. try any password it will then show up in Qulog but will only give you 5 tries.

  12. Gordon

    The password will not pop up if you are updating it. So you need to reinstall every time as they updated the version. Why make such a dumb setting ?

    • QoolBox

      it will keep the password you set on update

  13. Roberto

    Works great on TS-873, wish we could change the password instead generated temp password protocol, minor nusiance, otherwise great, and flawless 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  14. Martin

    Updated from earlier version with no side effects.

  15. rabble

    random password is not showing up on log, where can I find fist_startup.log in QPKG directory root?

  16. Raro

    Why’s this asking to read confidential stored information in safari?

  17. rocco.spano

    run perfectly on ts-231 arm32

  18. Koene

    I have 4.4.5 and it’s full of memory leaks. Easily reach 6 GB RAM over 3 night (without any activity from user side). Logging to QNAP WEBUI says gives warning saying it also take 3GB of swap.
    I might try the new version here when I will have time to backup the settings but I need to learn how to do so. Either way I think that you should know about it.

  19. tood

    If you cannot log in with the default password, please try to connect QNAP via WinSCP or orther tool and find first_startup.log in /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/qBittorent/ (diectionary may vary a liitle to your settings)

  20. Fabio

    Tricky to set a password, this ‘random’ password method.

  21. JL

    For the password, here you can find it: App Center > QuLog Center > Event Log > then you will find the temporary password for qBittorrent

  22. Richard

    Can’t install search plugins. The “install plugin” window is unresponsive. Qnap TS-251B. Tried in both firefox and edge. Would love a solution to this.

    • QoolBox

      Thanks to go on discord channel for support

  23. Daniel

    Start to use the QB since the Transmission is no longer free. The QB is better than I thought. But it needs some tuning at the beginning.

  24. Dvangelion

    stop working frequently in

    • QoolBox

      thanks to come on discrod channel for support

  25. Marc

    random password????
    making trouble to use

    • QoolBox

      thanks to come on discord Channel to explain

  26. Evert

    Unauthorized, states the webinterface???

  27. Evert

    I am the same Evert from yesterday.
    I made it. just klick in the adress bar and press enter.

  28. Jack

    “After I logged out, I was unable to log in because the password was incorrect. Even though I successfully logged in the first time using the password from the log, after changing the password in the UI settings, I could no longer log in. I hope to get a response from the author. Thank you.”

    • QoolBox

      thanks to come on discord channel for support

  29. rocco.spano

    damn… crash last update on qnap arm32 ts-231 with last update ufffff

  30. SiNaPsE

    probably is library boost becouse on qnap ts231p3 is 1.84 and qbittorrent 4.6.5 use 1.85 … can you update library???

  31. zetor2000

    Can somebody explain, how can i reach the webui via https?
    Where and how can i get the certs and where can i install them?

    • QoolBox

      guess you need to setup a reverse proxy

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