Complete Apache HTTP Web Server with PHP 8.2.x branch and many PECL extensions.

Listen web into /share/Web/htdocs  (QuTSHero must have Web server enabled on NAS and new install fw 5.0.1)
if /Web share do not exists please create it in QTS, or Enable Qnap internal webserver

for advanced users :

logs are in /opt/Apache82/var/log
config files /opt/Apache82/etc

please do not forget to back up your existing config, it will not be saved on the next update and rollback to default


Versions available for download:

  • TS-NASX86 (all Intel/Amd and Hero)
  • TS-NASARM_64 (armv8 64bits)
  • TS-X41 (armv7 32bits)
Official Website




listen on /web share and htdocs subdirectory
on some NAS internal webserver needs to be enable to create this share


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