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OSCam stands for Open Source Conditional Access Modul and is the result of a non-profit collaboration of developers from different countries. The development is public. Changes and progress based on proposed changes as well as “tickets” can be viewed on Timeline. The results of the development are stored in an svn repository in ascending numbering and are available for compilation

“work in progress” means that what appears in the documentation is an overview of the work in progress, to which the user is invited to contribute

Initially, Oscam was developed as a “Cardserver”. Later on, the client part was added. This proved that it would eventually be possible to perform all tasks.


Like its predecessor, MPCS, OSCam is mainly a multi-platform and multi-protocol Cardserver.


The client part is controlled through dvbapi parameters. The goal is to make the Server and Client parts work in the same protocol without having to use external “closed” protocols. Nevertheless, the integration of these “closed” protocols will continue without any responsibility for what happens in these “black boxes” at the command and data level.

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.







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