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Entware is an Optware replacement for arm5, arm7, aarch64, mips, mipsel, x86 & x64 NASes and routers. Entware is used to install additional packages (ipk-packages) for everyday command line usage. There are now 3500+ ipk packages available.

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  1. Alexius

    Installing this from the repo oddly did not work out that well. On the other hand manual install did.

    Also fair warning: at least on my QNAP Entware required
    1) enabling persistent home folders
    2) having a .profile file in mine
    3) putting following into the profile file

    source /opt/etc/profile

    So together with Nano (you do want nano lol) the profile looks

    [mememe@thenasbox ~]$ cat .profile
    source /opt/etc/profile
    export TERM=xterm

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