Chaturbate DVR


The program watches a specified Chaturbate channel and save the stream in real-time when the channel goes online, so you won’t miss anything.

Warning: The streaming content on Chaturbate is copyrighted, you should not copy, share, distribute the content. (for more information, check DMCA)

Disclaimer: Due to early development, might have frames dropped (20s gone in a 3hrs long stream), still requires more tests.

$ chaturbate-dvr -u my_lovely_channel_name

 .o88b. db   db  .d8b.  d888888b db    db d8888b. d8888b.  .d8b.  d888888b d88888b
d8P  Y8 88   88 d8' `8b `~~88~~' 88    88 88  `8D 88  `8D d8' `8b `~~88~~' 88'
8P      88ooo88 88ooo88    88    88    88 88oobY' 88oooY' 88ooo88    88    88ooooo
8b      88~~~88 88~~~88    88    88    88 88`8b   88~~~b. 88~~~88    88    88~~~~~
Y8b  d8 88   88 88   88    88    88b  d88 88 `88. 88   8D 88   88    88    88.
 `Y88P' YP   YP YP   YP    YP    ~Y8888P' 88   YD Y8888P' YP   YP    YP    Y88888P
d8888b. db    db d8888b.
88  `8D 88    88 88  `8D
88   88 Y8    8P 88oobY'
88   88 `8b  d8' 88`8b
88  .8D  `8bd8'  88 `88.
Y8888D'    YP    88   YD
2020/02/13 18:05:22 my_lovely_channel_name is online! fetching...
2020/02/13 18:05:24 the video will be saved as "2020-02-13_22-16-27.ts".
2020/02/13 18:05:28 fetching media_w402018999_b5128000_t64RlBTOjI5Ljk3_9134.ts (size: 936428)
2020/02/13 19:07:06 failed to fetch the video segments, will try again. (1/2)
2020/02/13 19:07:06 failed to fetch the video segments, will try again. (2/2)
2020/02/13 19:07:11 failed to fetch the video segments after retried, my_lovely_channel_name might went offline.
2020/02/13 19:07:11 my_lovely_channel_name is not online, check again after 3 minute(s)...


The video quality is always the highest as possible, you cannot change it (too lazy to make it as an option).

   chaturbate-dvr - watching a specified chaturbate channel and auto saves the stream as local file

   main [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

   help, h  Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   --username value, -u value  channel username to watching
   --interval value, -i value  minutes to check if a channel goes online or not (default: 1)
   --strip value, -s value     MB sizes to split the video into chunks (default: 0)
   --help, -h                  show help (default: false)

Versions available for download:

  • TS-NASX86
  • TS-NASARM_64
  • TS-X41
  • TS-X31
  • TS-ARM-X19
  • TS-NASX86_OLd32
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