Chaturbate DVR

Original price was: 15.00 €.Current price is: 5.00 €.

The program watches a specified Chaturbate channel and save the stream in real-time when the channel goes online, so you won’t miss anything.

Warning: The streaming content on Chaturbate is copyrighted, you should not copy, share, distribute the content. (for more information, check DMCA)

Disclaimer: Due to early development, might have frames dropped (20s gone in a 3hrs long stream), still requires more tests.

your streams are saved in Public share of your NAS

Versions available for download:

  • TS-NASX86
  • TS-NASARM_64
  • TS-X41
  • TS-X31
  • TS-ARM-X19
  • TS-NASX86_OLd32
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