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Backrest is a web UI and orchestrator for restic backup.

Backrest is a web-accessible backup solution built on top of restic. Backrest provides a WebUI which wraps the restic CLI and makes it easy to create repos, browse snapshots, and restore files. Additionally, Backrest can run in the background and take an opinionated approach to scheduling snapshots and orchestrating repo health operations.

By building on restic, Backrest leverages restic’s mature feature set. Restic provides fast, reliable, and secure backup operations.

Backrest itself is built in Golang (matching restic’s implementation) and is shipped as a self-contained and light weight binary with no dependecies other than restic. This project aims to be the easiest way to setup and get started with backups on any system. You can expect to be able to perform all operations from the web interface but should you ever need more control, you are free to browse your repo and perform operations using the restic cli. Additionally, Backrest can safely detect and import your existing snapshots (or externally created snapshots on an ongoing basis).

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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