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Welcome to Silas

We are proud to announce the arrival of Silas on MyQNAP.org. Silas is an active member of the QNAP NAS community. He is the administrator of the famous QNAP forum (Poland) and an experienced application developer (e.g. RTorrent-Pro). It is a pleasure to welcome him.

In this new article, we would like to announce that we now offer more than 160 applications for your QNAP NAS (and more than 400 download links for different architectures). We do not race in numbers, but on the quality of our packages. We work hard to provide you with the best applications on the market.

Beyond the packages themselves, the site is also evolving. We have several surprises planned between now and the end of the month. An advice, come back regularly 😉

Finally, we are proud to announce that you are already more than 100 people to be registered.

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