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Tdarr V2 is a cross-platform conditional based transcoding application for automating media library transcode/remux management in order to process your media files as required. For example, you can set rules for the required codecs, containers, languages etc that your media should have which helps keeps things organized and can increase compatability with your devices. A common use for Tdarr is to simply convert video files from h264 to h265 (hevc), saving 40%-50% in size.

The application is in the form of a click-to-run web-app, comprised of the following 2 components:

Tdarr_Server – Central process which all Nodes connect with
Tdarr_Node – Processes running on same/other devices which collect tasks from the Server

Designed to work alongside applications like Sonarr/Radarr and built with the aim of modularisation, parallelisation and scalability, each library you add has its own transcode settings, filters and schedule. Workers can be fired up and closed down as necessary, and are split into 4 types – Transcode CPU/GPU and Health Check CPU/GPU. Worker limits can be managed by the scheduler as well as manually. For a desktop application with similar functionality please see HBBatchBeast.

Cross-platform Tdarr Nodes which work together with Tdarr Server to process your files
GPU and CPU workers
Use/create Tdarr Plugins for infinite control on how your files are processed:
Audio and video library management
7 day, 24 hour scheduler
Folder watcher
Worker stall detector
Load balancing between libraries/drives
Use HandBrake or FFmpeg
Tested on a 1,000,000 file dummy library
Search for files based on hundreds of properties
Library stats
Hardware transcoding container (install Nvidia plugin on unRAID/Nvidia runtime container on Ubuntu)

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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