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LLM Frontend for Power Users.

Mobile-friendly, Multi-API (KoboldAI/CPP, Horde, NovelAI, Ooba, OpenAI+proxies, Poe, WindowAI(Claude!)), VN-like Waifu Mode, Horde SD, System TTS, WorldInfo (lorebooks), customizable UI, auto-translate, and more prompt options than you’d ever want or need. Optional Extras server for more SD/TTS options + ChromaDB/Summarize.

What is SillyTavern or TavernAI?

SillyTavern is a user interface you can install on your computer (and Android phones) that allows you to interact with text generation AIs and chat/roleplay with characters you or the community create.

SillyTavern is a fork of TavernAI 1.2.8 which is under more active development and has added many major features. At this point, they can be thought of as completely independent programs.

— QPKG info —

credential default : user/password
modify config file according your need : /opt/SilyTavern/silytavern/config.yaml
(be sure to back up your config file once modify, on upgrade QPKG it will remain to default)

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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