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Nyuu is a command-line binary usenet poster.

Nyuu is designed primarily to be fast/efficient, reliable and customizable, exposing all the interesting bits and pieces.
From what I’ve seen, Nyuu excels more than any other usenet posting client in these aspects.


  • All the standard stuff: i.e. Nyuu doesn’t miss out on what you need
  • NNTP SSL support
  • yEnc encoding
  • NZB creation, with minification & compression
  • Sub-directory handling
  • Fast & efficient: Nyuu is amongst the fastest (if not the fastest) usenet posters, designed to run on low power, overloaded servers with >= 1Gbps connections
  • Multiple uploading connections
  • Post checking is asynchronous (minimal impact on speed)
  • Fastest yEnc and CRC32 implementations
  • Buffered async I/O (minimise the effects of slow disks)
  • No temporary files, no disk writes (except for writing the NZB output)
  • No unnecessary disk reads – only performs a single, sequential read pass over files
  • If a post needs to be resubmitted, due to a check failure, and it is not cached, it will need to be re-read off disk
  • PAR2 generation (when integrated) will require an extra initial pass of just the first 16KB of each file, and may require multiple read passes if all recovery blocks cannot fit in memory
  • Reliable: Nyuu was designed for automation and its reliability requirements
  • Requests are all retryable
  • Able to recover from connection failures/dropouts
  • Timeouts and limits to deal with unexpected server hangs or faults
  • Can selectively skip/ignore some errors
  • Post checking (aka header checks), with multiple attempts and post retrying
  • Unusual or unexpected events are logged
  • Includes some optional workarounds for server bugs
  • Highly configurable: tuning knobs for everything
  • Lots of connection and SSL options
  • NNTP article posting: article/line sizes, header customisation
  • Configure timeouts, delays and error handling parameters
  • NZB meta tags
  • Unique features: the not so usual stuff
  • Pipe input/output from/to processes instead of files, plus the ability to pipe out a copy of read input to an external process without incurring additional disk reads
  • Extensive upload diagnostic details available (via optional TCP/HTTP status server) to help tune settings or find problems
Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.


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