Museum API Server ( Apache83) (PGSQL16)

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What is Ente ?

Ente is a service that provides a fully open source, end-to-end encrypted platform for you to store your data in the cloud without needing to trust the service provider.
On top of this platform, we have built two apps so far: Ente Photos (an alternative to Apple and Google Photos) and Ente Auth (a 2FA alternative to the deprecated Authy).

Here is the musuem Api server self-hosted on your NAS

Both Ente Photos and Ente Auth use the same server (intentionally).
This allows users to use the same credentials to store different types of end-to-end encrypted data without needing to create new accounts.
We plan on building more apps using the same server – this is easy, because the server is already data agnostic (since the data is end-to-end encrypted).

Requirements :

Apache83 for libsodium
PostgreSQL16 to host your database

by default port 8080 on your NAS need to free, Museum is listening on 8080
you can override configuration within config files /opt/Museum83/configurations (report to documentation on github :

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up-to-date versions.

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