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A tiny, self-contained, configurable paste bin and URL shortener

MicroBin is a super tiny, feature rich, configurable, self-contained and self-hosted paste bin web application.
It is very easy to set up and use, and will only require a few megabytes of memory and disk storage.


Is very small
Entirely self-contained executable, MicroBin is a single file!
Animal names instead of random numbers for pasta identifiers (64 animals)
File uploads (eg. server.com/file/pig-dog-cat)
Raw text serving (eg. server.com/raw/pig-dog-cat)
URL shortening and redirection
QR code support
Very simple database (JSON + files) for portability, easy backups and integration
Listing and manually removing pastas (/pastalist)
Private and public, editable and final, automatically and never expiring pastas
Syntax highlighting
Automatic dark mode and custom styling support with very little CSS and only vanilla JS (see water.css)
Most of the above can be toggled on and off!

What is a “pasta” anyway?

In microbin, a pasta can be:

A text that you want to paste from one machine to another, eg. some code,
A file that you want to share, eg. a video that is too large for Discord, a zip with a code project in it or an image,
A URL redirect.

When is MicroBin useful?
You can use MicroBin

As a URL shortener/redirect service,
To send long texts to other people,
To send large files to other people,
To serve content on the web, eg. configuration files for testing, images, or any other file content using the Raw functionality,
To move files between your desktop and a server you access from the console,
As a “postbox” service where people can upload their files or texts, but they cannot see or remove what others sent you – just disable the pastalist page
To take notes! Simply create an editable pasta.
…and many other things, why not get creative?

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.


official website




release note




QKPG info

Warning: No public URL set with –public-path parameter. QR code and URL Copying functions have been disabled, if needed
modify /opt/MicroBin/MicroBin.sh startup command by adding this flag with your Public URL and restart QPKG


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