Firefly III Data importer (Apache83)

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The data importer is built to help you import transactions into Firefly III. It is separated from Firefly III for security and maintenance reasons.

The data importer does not connect to your bank directly. Instead, it uses Nordigen and SaltEdge to connect to over 6000 banks worldwide. These services are free for Firefly III users, but require registration. Keep in mind these services have their own privacy and data usage policies.

The data importer can import CSV files you’ve downloaded from your bank.

You can run the data importer once, for a bulk import. You can also run it regularly to keep up with new transactions.

Eager to get started? Go to the documentation!

Import from over 6000 banks
Import over the command line for easy automation
Import over an API for easy automation
Use rules and data mapping for transaction clarity
Many more features are listed in the documentation.

Who’s it for?
This application is for people who want to track their finances, keep an eye on their money without having to upload their financial records to the cloud. You’re a bit tech-savvy, you like open source software, and you don’t mind tinkering with (self-hosted) servers.

.env file is located within /opt/FireflyIIIDI83/www/.env

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