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Editing the plain text crontab is error prone for managing jobs, e.g., adding jobs, deleting jobs, or pausing jobs.
A small mistake can easily bring down all the jobs and might cost you a lot of time. With Crontab UI, it is very easy to manage crontab.
Here are the key features of Crontab UI.

Easy setup. You can even import from existing crontab.
Safe adding, deleting or pausing jobs. Easy to maintain hundreds of jobs.
Backup your crontabs.
Export crontab and deploy on other machines without much hassle.
Error log support.
Mailing and hooks support.

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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qnap / (NAS Hostname case sensitiv)

8 reviews for CrontabUI

  1. Carson

    Not working at all. It requires username and password to login, but there is nowhere we can set or get username/password.

  2. dft601

    It is working…
    user: qnap
    password is your hostname…
    You can find it in file

  3. Artur

    The concept is great, but sadly the TS-NASARM_64 package is incompatible with Annapurna Labs Alpine AL-514 quad-core 1.7 GHz ARMĀ® Cortex-A15 Processor on the QNAP TS-1635 model, so could not even install….

  4. Gregory Schlein

    echo $! > $PIDF

    What is my hostname .
    I apparently need this to log in !! WTF

  5. Mike

    Your hostname is the name of you NAS. The server name.
    You find it on the NAS… Overview or in the control panel…

  6. Evgenii Timofeev

    Good app! Thank You! Work on TES-1885U

  7. Cameron M Kracke

    Is it possible to use a different use ID, such as my Qnap Admin account? If so, I assume this change can be made by modding the Can you please confirm?

  8. richbrew

    this app seems to interact directly with crontab. however, based on this article from qnap, this method wont work for qnap.

    anything added through crontab gets removed daily unless it is manually added to /etc/config/crontab

    • QoolBox

      it is using his own cron engine

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