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A comic archive browser and reader


Codex is a web server.
Full text search of metadata and bookmarks.
Filter and sort on all comic metadata and unread status per user.
Browse a tree of publishers, imprints, series, volumes, or your own folder hierarchy.
Read comics in a variety of aspect ratios that fit your screen.
Per user bookmarking. Per browser bookmarks even before you make an account.
Watches the filesystem and automatically imports new or changed comics.
Private Libraries accessible only to certain groups of users.
Reads CBZ, CBR, CBT, and PDF formatted comics.
Syndication with OPDS, streaming, search and authentication.
Runs in 1GB of RAM, faster with more.


Filter by Story Arc and Unread, Order by Publish Date to create an event reading list.
Filter by Unread and Order by Added Time to see your latest unread comics.
Search by your favorite character to find their appearances across different comics.


Navigate to the Admin Panel
Click the hamburger menu ☰ to open the browser settings drawer.
Log in as the ‘admin’ user. The default administrator password is also ‘admin’.
Navigate to the Admin Panel by clicking on its link in the browser settings drawer after you have logged in.
Change the Admin password
The first thing you should do is log in as the admin user and change the admin password.

Navigate to the Admin Panel as described above.
Select the Users tab.
Change the admin user’s password using the small lock button.
You may also change the admin user’s name with the edit button.
You may create other users and grant them admin privileges by making them staff.
Add Comic Libraries
The second thing you will want to do is log in as an Administrator and add one or more comic libraries.

Navigate to the Admin Panel as described above.
Select the Libraries tab in the Admin Panel
Add a Library with the “+ LIBRARY” button in the upper left.

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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