The private xml repo file is coming (paid app)


We are very proud to announce that the private xml repo file is coming soon. In private beta for several days, we are eager to offer it to all our members. But before that, we need to make some more verification. That’s why we are asking for your help. If you want to be the first to have the private xml repo containing your purchases on our site, just contact us (e-mail or Discord) with your e-mail address.

[edit] the file is now available to everyone : Private repo file is available

What is private xml repo file ?

When we opened the MyQNAP site, we wanted to address a need to provide a powerful service for downloading packages. These packages for QNAP NAS are provided through our repository on the website and an XML file. It is simply the repo.xml file you already know. As a reminder, here is the tutorial to install repo.xml on your NAS. It takes less than a minute to enjoy over 300 free applications for your QNAP.

For paid applications, there was no xml file. You had to download the purchased file from the site and install it manually on the NAS. We had to find out how to make a unique file per user and that it was secure. It was not easy, but the complexity was not there. We hesitated for a long time between providing a single file for the free + paid applications… or separate files. It is this second choice that we made. There is on one side the repo.xml file as you know it today (free applications) and another file for the paid applications you bought. Now you know what this private xml repo file is.

This choice was motivated by the need to offer a lightweight file that is quick to deploy, easy to update and consumes few resources. As you know, since the opening of MyQNAP, we have made it a point to provide a quality service: fast, efficient, secure and easy to use. We will continue on this path.

The download link for this secure file will be available on the web interface. To retrieve it, you must be connected and go to the Account menu. We hope to be able to open the service to everyone before the end of the month!

Thank you to everyone who encouraged and helped us.

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