Guacamole Server (Apache83)

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Guacamole proxy daemone (client will be release sepearatly)

Guacamole is an HTML5 web application that provides access to desktop environments using remote desktop protocols (such as VNC or RDP). Guacamole is also the project that produces this web application, and provides an API that drives it. This API can be used to power other similar applications or services.

“Guacamole” is most commonly used to refer to the web application produced by the Guacamole project using their API. This web application is part of a stack that provides a protocol-agnostic remote desktop gateway. Written in JavaScript and using only HTML5 and other standards, the client part of Guacamole requires nothing more than a modern web browser or web-enabled device when accessing any of the desktops served.

Historically, Guacamole was an HTML5 VNC client, and before that, a JavaScript Telnet client called RealMint (“RealMint” is an anagram for “terminal”), but this is no longer the case. Guacamole’s architecture has grown to encompass remote desktop in general, and can be used as a gateway for any number of computers. Originally a proof-of-concept, Guacamole is now performant enough for daily use, and all Guacamole development is done over Guacamole.

As an API, Guacamole provides a common and efficient means of streaming text data over a JavaScript-based tunnel using either HTTP or WebSocket, and a client implementation which supports the Guacamole protocol and renders the remote display when combined with a Guacamole protocol stream from the tunnel.

It provides cross-browser mouse and keyboard events, an XML-driven on-screen keyboard, and synchronized nestable layers with hardware-accelerated compositing. Projects that wish to provide remote desktop support over HTML5 can leverage the years of research and development that went into Guacamole by incorporating the API into their application or service.

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