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add fq command line to NAS $PATH

jq for binary formats – tool, language and decoders for working with binary and text formats
Tool, language and decoders for working with binary data.

fq is inspired by the well known jq tool and language that allows you to work with binary formats the same way you would using jq. In addition it can present data like a hex viewer, transform, slice and concatenate binary data. It also supports nested formats and has an interactive REPL with auto-completion.

It was originally designed to query, inspect and debug media codecs and containers like mp4, flac, mp3, jpeg. But since then it has been extended to support a variety of formats like executables, packet captures (with TCP reassembly) and serialization formats like JSON, YAML, XML, ASN1 BER, Avro, CBOR, protobuf. In addition it also has functions to work with URLs, convert to/from hex, number bases, search for things etc.

In summary it aims to be jq, hexdump, dd and gdb for files combined into one.

NOTE : fq is still early in development so things might change, be broken or do not make sense. That also means that there is a great opportunity to help out!

Make binaries accessible, queryable and sliceable.
Nested formats and bit-oriented decoding.
Quick and comfortable CLI tool.
Bits and bytes transformations.

Supported formats
aac_frame, adts, adts_frame, aiff, amf0, apev2, apple_bookmark, ar, asn1_ber, av1_ccr, av1_frame, av1_obu, avc_annexb, avc_au, avc_dcr, avc_nalu, avc_pps, avc_sei, avc_sps, avi, avro_ocf, bencode, bitcoin_blkdat, bitcoin_block, bitcoin_script, bitcoin_transaction, bits, bplist, bsd_loopback_frame, bson, bytes, bzip2, cbor, csv, dns, dns_tcp, elf, ether8023_frame, exif, fairplay_spc, flac, flac_frame, flac_metadatablock, flac_metadatablocks, flac_picture, flac_streaminfo, gif, gzip, hevc_annexb, hevc_au, hevc_dcr, hevc_nalu, hevc_pps, hevc_sps, hevc_vps, html, icc_profile, icmp, icmpv6, id3v1, id3v11, id3v2, ipv4_packet, ipv6_packet, jpeg, json, jsonl, macho, macho_fat, markdown, matroska, mp3, mp3_frame, mp3_frame_vbri, mp3_frame_xing, mp4, mpeg_asc, mpeg_es, mpeg_pes, mpeg_pes_packet, mpeg_spu, mpeg_ts, msgpack, ogg, ogg_page, opus_packet, pcap, pcapng, pg_btree, pg_control, pg_heap, png, prores_frame, protobuf, protobuf_widevine, pssh_playready, rtmp, sll2_packet, sll_packet, tar, tcp_segment, tiff, tls, toml, tzif, udp_datagram, vorbis_comment, vorbis_packet, vp8_frame, vp9_cfm, vp9_frame, vpx_ccr, wasm, wav, webp, xml, yaml, zip

It can also work with some common text formats like URLs, hex, base64, PEM etc and for some serialization formats like XML, YAML, etc. it can transform both from and to jq values.

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.


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