Over 120 packages updated in our repo on 1 month

Our QNAP repo is still in the spotlight on the networks and we thank you for that. Indeed, in the month of February 2023, we have updated more than 120 packages. We are not talking about new applications, but updates. And we have 34 new applications.

These updates are important and we strongly recommend that you apply them. Indeed, an update usually contains improvements of the tool (new functionality, performance improvement, design), bug fixes, but it can also be to close a security hole. It is therefore essential to have an updated NAS (QTS / QuTS Hero) and updated applications too.

Today MyQNAP is the only QNAP repo with nearly 400 applications available and updated regularly. As mentioned in the title, we have made available more than 120 updates online. We are the only one to offer this and we hope to continue this pace in the coming months.

Remember to update your packages with the repo.xml file or to download the file manually.

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