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New developers on the MyQNAP repo

The team of contributing developers has grown in recent weeks: Innovatone, One CDVirtualDJ and Zyxmon. Each of them joined the MyQNAP catalog for a different reason. But what is sure is that they are committed to providing their favorite packages to QNAP NAS users. We are very proud and grateful for their choice.

Each of their applications has been validated by the founding team of the site… and the packages are all electronically signed. This means that you don’t have to worry about any warning message on your NAS when installing the package. This is an exclusive feature of our repo…

Today, we offer over 370 applications that can be downloaded from the website or directly from the App Center of your QNAP NAS. Thousands of you come to us every day, and we serve hundreds of thousands of requests each day. And it is not less than 2 TB that we send you each month!

We thank you again for your confidence.

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