Download previous versions of your favorite applications for free

These days, it is common for the applications we used to be updated frequently. While these updates are often beneficial, there may be times when you prefer to use a previous version for various reasons. Perhaps the latest update is incompatible with your device or you simply prefer a specific feature of the older version. We are glad to introduce our new feature that allows you to download all previous versions of your applications for free in your NAS. Yes, you read that right – all versions are available in our archive area on

We understand that the latest version of your favorite application may not always meet your needs. Sometimes an update can introduce bugs or compatibility issues that make the application unusable. In these situations, it is helpful to have the ability to revert to a previous version for your QNAP NAS.

With our new feature, you can access all previous versions of your favorite application and choose the one that best suits your needs. You can download any version you want for free and install it on your device with a few clicks.

We are proud to offer you this convenient and useful feature. At MyQNAP, we are committed to providing superior service. We are confident that this new feature will be useful to you and we hope it will meet your needs. Don’t wait any longer and visit our archive area to download all previous versions of your favorite applications for free.

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