Nuclear HD

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nuclear is a free music streaming program that pulls content from free sources all over the internet.

If you know mps-youtube, this is a similar music player but with a GUI. It’s also focusing more on audio. Imagine Spotify which you don’t have to pay for and with a bigger library.


Searching for and playing music from YouTube (including integration with playlists and SponsorBlock), Jamendo, Audius and SoundCloud
Searching for albums (powered by and Discogs), album view, automatic song lookup based on artist and track name (in progress, can be dodgy sometimes)
Song queue, which can be exported as a playlist
Loading saved playlists (stored in json files)
Scrobbling to (along with updating the ‘now playing’ status)
Newest releases with reviews – tracks and albums
Browsing by genre
Radio mode (automatically queue similar tracks)
Unlimited downloads (powered by youtube)
Realtime lyrics
Browsing by popularity
List of favorite tracks
Listening from local library
No accounts
No ads
No CoC

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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