Fileflows server (Apache83)

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FileFlows allows you to monitor files or directories, and then process files matching certain criteria for processing.

It can be extended through Plugins (written in .NET) or Scripts (written in JavaScript).

A standard installation comes with the following plugins

Basic Nodes
Allows basic file processing like copy, move, delete, rename, file size, and javascript functions.

Video Nodes
Allows for processing of video files to ensure they are in the format you desire and also things like removing black bars from videos.

Audio Node
Similar to the video plugin and lets you convert you audio files to other formats.

Image Nodes
Allows you to convert, resize, crop images.

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

official website




Apache83 –

QPKG information

dotnet 7 embedded
find logs within /opt/FileFlowsServer83/Fileflows/logs

if you need ffmpeg, you can set path :

/usr/bin/ffmpeg (QTS version)
/opt/Apache83/ffmeg (Apache83 shared with HW acceleration)
/opt/ffmpeg/ffmpeg (ffmpeg station QPKG)
/opt/QMultimedia/bin/ffmeg (ffmpeg shared version from QMULtimedia QPKG)


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