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Intend to add an alternative root
this allow to develloper to use/execute binaries built until a libc 2.36.1

it create an /opt/sysroot where new sysroot is set

readlef / patchelf are added to NAS $PATH

To build an executable that will work with the new glibc, do this:
g++ main.o -o myapp … \
-Wl,–rpath=/opt/sysroot/lib \
The -rpath linker option will make the runtime loader search for libraries in /opt/sysroot/libc (so you wouldn’t have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH before running it), and the -dynamic-linker option will “bake” path to correct into the application.
./patchelf –set-interpreter /opt/sysroot/lib/ –set-rpath /opt/sysroot/lib myapp
When you try to run a binary in linux, the binary tries to load the linker, then the libraries, and they should all be in the path and/or in the right place. If your problem is with the linker and you want to find out which path your binary is looking for, you can find out with this command:
$ readelf -l myapp | grep interpreter
[Requesting program interpreter: /lib/]
If your problem is with the libs, commands that will give you the libs being used are:
$ readelf -d myapp | grep Shared
$ ldd myapp

Versions available for download:

  • TS-NASX86
  • TS-NASARM_64
  • TS-X41
  • TS-X31P2
  • TS-X31


available for

x86_64 (Intel/amd 64bit)
arm_64 (aarch64 , armV8 64bit)
arm-x41 (armv7l)
arm-x31 (armv7h)


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